Ignite  Inspire Empower


The best community of friends to work out with!


Ignite Inspire Empower

The best community of friends to work out with!

Let's roar together!



✓  Burn 1000+  Calories in 50-60 minutes
  ✓   Coach-led cardio and weight training  
✓  Elevate heart rate for an entire workout
✓   Increase lean body mass
✓  Raise metabolic rate up to 25%


✓   Personalized guidance and support
  ✓   Comprehensive Fitness Focus  
✓   Dynamic Workout Focus
✓   Diverse Range of Classes
✓   Heart Rate Tracking Technology

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✓   Roar Merch Collections
  ✓   Heart-Rate Monitor  
✓  Membership
✓   T-Shirts
✓  etc...

About Us

Inspiring Health and Well-being Through Innovative Fitness Solutions

Our commitment to innovation means that we constantly push boundaries to provide you with transformative options. With cutting-edge technology, personalized coaching, and immersive experiences, we empower you to embark on a journey of self-improvement.

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Happy Customers!

Why Our Members Love ROAR

Deanna Waters
Deanna Waters
Love ROAR Fitness Madison! It’s super fun and the atmosphere is always encouraging and super friendly! 10/10 would recommend to anyone who has an hour and wants to try some HIIT style training!
Melissa Waters
Melissa Waters
ROAR is such a fun and unique fitness experience! In my 1st year of ROAR I’ve improved my endurance, lost fat, and gained muscle. Such an amazing fitness community!
An hour of training that doesn’t seem like an hour!! Great coaches, great music and a great time! HIIT: CARDIO and WEIGHTS!
Denise Gossett
Denise Gossett
Heidi Bowman
Heidi Bowman

The lights, the music, and the people are unmatched. The reality is, ROAR is so much fun, you’ll forget you’re working out.

Invest in Success

Have you ever envisioned running your own empire? Roar Fitness is here to make it a reality! Join our esteemed franchise and become a driving force in the fitness industry.

Discover Our Fitness Centers

Discover the power of fitness excellence as you explore our various locations. Each center embodies our commitment to providing a transformative fitness experience.


We know that starting a new fitness journey can come with a lot of questions. That’s why we’ve taken the time to address the most common inquiries to ensure you have all the information you need before stepping foot into our fitness centers.

At Roar Fitness, you can expect a transformative fitness experience that goes beyond traditional workouts. Our workouts are designed by industry experts with over 40 years of combined experience, ensuring you receive top-notch guidance and support while providing a challenging and entertaining workout. With a focus on improving physical abilities, mental health, and nutritional goals. Roar Fitness offers innovative fitness solutions that cater to your individual needs.

At Roar Fitness, we leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance your workout experience. We offer heart rate monitoring technology that provides immediate feedback during your workouts. This allows you to track your progress, optimize your training intensity, and stay motivated. Our coaches use this data to provide personalized guidance and ensure you’re getting the most out of your workout.

Absolutely! At Roar Fitness, we provide clear guidance on the types of exercises you can expect. Our weekly workout protocols are uploaded to our social media platforms. This allows you to prepare and plan your workouts in advance. We ensure that our programming incorporates a variety of exercises focusing on strength, cardiovascular health, agility, speed, power, mobility, and recovery. With our strategic scheduling, you’ll have the opportunity to attend our classes multiple times a week while allowing ample time for rest and recovery.

Getting started with Roar Fitness is simple! We highly encourage you to take advantage of our free trial offer. It’s a perfect opportunity to experience our fantastic coaches, supportive community, and the high-energy atmosphere that sets us apart. To get started, navigate to the Locations page to find the Roar Fitness center nearest to you. Once you’ve identified your preferred location, you can reach out to our friendly staff to schedule your free trial.

Roar Fitness stands out from other fitness centers through our commitment to innovation and constant updates. Our workouts are proven, and backed by scientific research, ensuring that you receive the most effective and engaging fitness experience. We push boundaries by incorporating cutting-edge equipment and maintaining a professional workout structure. Our focus on overall strength, cardiovascular health, agility, speed, power, mobility, and recovery allows members to experience a holistic approach to fitness.

Absolutely! Roar Fitness welcomes individuals of all fitness levels, whether you’re a beginner or have limited fitness experience. Our supportive community and experienced coaches will guide you every step of the way. We provide personalized coaching and modifications to suit your individual needs and goals. No matter where you’re starting from, We’re here to help you embark on a transformative journey of self-improvement.

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